Elijah’s Final Journey

Chapter two! The last 11 verses with Elijah! What a journey it has been! Next, we'll start Elisha ¬†and I'll probably write even more. The first verse is intriguing. I'll copy it down for convenience. "And it came to pass when the Lord would take Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind, that Elijah went with … Continue reading Elijah’s Final Journey


Millennium and Resurrection

Verse 96-102 talks about the Millennium and who is going to be resurrected when. This is something I did not know previous to reading D&C 88. Celestial Resurrection There are three resurrections. All depending on what kind of person you are. The first, ¬†those who are living celestially, if they are alive, are quickened and … Continue reading Millennium and Resurrection