Final Showdown Between Pharaoh and the Children of Israel

Moses takes the bones of Joseph with him. When Joseph died his family bones became a family heirloom? Cross reference Genesis 50:25? Joseph says that the Lord will deliver them out of Egypt. And when he does, takes his bones with them. Maybe Joseph didn't want to be buried in Egypt? The Cloudy Pillar The … Continue reading Final Showdown Between Pharaoh and the Children of Israel

A River of Blood

Moses goes before the Lord and asks, "Why are you treating this people so badly? Why did you send me to do this thing?" I think Moses is feeling pretty down about his duties. I thought I was supposed to deliver this people. Am I doing something wrong? Why me? Remember, he had talked to … Continue reading A River of Blood

Is That Ax Floating?! Beat the Drums of War!

The next chapter starts out a little funny. A son of the prophet tells Elisha the place they live in is too narrow. Or in other words, the house where everyone is living is too small. He tells Elisha his plan of going to the Jordan River and building a new abode. Elisha says go … Continue reading Is That Ax Floating?! Beat the Drums of War!

Naaman the Lepor Meets Elisha

Now, Elisha was come up to Gilgal one day. The sons of the prophets were sitting outside. There was a famine in the land. He tells his servants to set up a pot for them to eat. The servant (Gehazi?) goes and gathers herbs and gourds and vines. His entire lap is full of them. … Continue reading Naaman the Lepor Meets Elisha

Elisha Restores Life

On one of Elisha's journeys, he stops in to visit the Shunamite woman. He tells his servant, Gehazi, to call her. As an FYI, this is the first record that Elisha has a servant. It seems he followed in the footsteps of his master. Just like Elisha served Elijah so also is Gehazi serving Elisha. … Continue reading Elisha Restores Life