A Burning Bush on Mount Sinai

The story of Moses is setting up to be really good. Now, there is a turning point. The most current pharaoh, probably Ramses II, has just died. The children of Israel have endured one pharaoh of oppression at this point. Hoping that the bondage will stop, they pray mightily to God to deliver them.  God Hears … Continue reading A Burning Bush on Mount Sinai

Called From the Foundation of the Earth

Let's move on to chapter 13! I just finished reading the entire chapter. I'm trying to see how best to make the transition from 12 to 13 and see how 13 fits into 12 because it seems as though they are on completely different topics. I think I have it figured out now. Let me … Continue reading Called From the Foundation of the Earth

Learn to Magnify Your Calling

Obtaining Grace Through Learning Verse 77. It is a commandment to teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom. I had never thought of that. It makes sense. A similar point was made in my Gifts of the Spirit book. It was talking about the gift of wisdom. It said that all who are wise, … Continue reading Learn to Magnify Your Calling