Memories of Jerusalem

I know this is out of the ordinary for this blog. Normally I post commentary on the scriptures but I recently passed the year mark since arriving in Jerusalem for the first time and I want to reflect on the time I spent there. How I Ended Up in Jerusalem Two years ago, my sister … Continue reading Memories of Jerusalem

School of the Prophets

Verse 117-141 is much talking about organizing themselves as the school of the prophets. The Lord has commanded them to teach one another. Joseph Smith taught them doctrine and things to prepare them to go out into the world to gather up the elect. But, like the D&C manual says, a lot of the verses … Continue reading School of the Prophets

Learn to Magnify Your Calling

Obtaining Grace Through Learning Verse 77. It is a commandment to teach one another the doctrine of the kingdom. I had never thought of that. It makes sense. A similar point was made in my Gifts of the Spirit book. It was talking about the gift of wisdom. It said that all who are wise, … Continue reading Learn to Magnify Your Calling

The Story Behind This Blog

For a long time, I had trouble getting a lot out of my scripture reading. Sure I would read the stories and understand the principles contained but I sensed there was something missing. I wasn't getting all I could out of the experience and felt like I was "living below my privileges." My Time in … Continue reading The Story Behind This Blog