School of the Prophets

Verse 117-141 is much talking about organizing themselves as the school of the prophets. The Lord has commanded them to teach one another. Joseph Smith taught them doctrine and things to prepare them to go out into the world to gather up the elect. But, like the D&C manual says, a lot of the verses … Continue reading School of the Prophets

The Binding of Satan and the Battle of Gog and Magog

Ok, time to talk about the Millennial binding of Satan. Previous to this, all the people will be resurrected. All the secret acts of men and mighty works of God will have been revealed and time will no longer have been. The footnote for time takes you to D&C 84:100 and says that God has … Continue reading The Binding of Satan and the Battle of Gog and Magog

Angels and the Great Revealing

Angels Shall Trump I was just reading ahead and it talked about 7 trumpeting angels! It cross referenced mostly back to Revelation chapter 14. I read quickly through it and tried to figure out the time line on it all. When I couldn’t I went to my notes of Revelation 14 because I was sure … Continue reading Angels and the Great Revealing

Millennium and Resurrection

Verse 96-102 talks about the Millennium and who is going to be resurrected when. This is something I did not know previous to reading D&C 88. Celestial Resurrection There are three resurrections. All depending on what kind of person you are. The first,  those who are living celestially, if they are alive, are quickened and … Continue reading Millennium and Resurrection

Mens’ Hearts Shall Fail Them

From verses 87-95 are many things concerning the last days. In effect, they went through basically the entire book of Revelation in 10-ish verses. Let's start at the beginning. But before that, I want to say that I probably won't go as in depth because a lot of these verse I have already talked about … Continue reading Mens’ Hearts Shall Fail Them