The Miraculous Healing of Zeezrom

Continuing on. Zeezrom also made it out to Sidom but lay sick with a burning fever. It says it was caused by the great tribulations of his mind on account of his wickedness. He thought Alma and Amulek were no more. That they had been slain because of his iniquity. This and many other sins did … Continue reading The Miraculous Healing of Zeezrom

Alma and Amulek’s Arrival in Sidom

Alma chapter 15! It's about time. Alma and Amulek were commanded to depart out of the city so they do. They make their way to Sidom. There, they find the members who had been cast out and stoned from Ammonihah.  Imagining How Alma and Amulek Left Ammonihah I imagine it went something like this. Alma … Continue reading Alma and Amulek’s Arrival in Sidom

Bringing Down the House (Prison)

Continuing on with the story. The judges and others come in again to Alma and Amulek, this time smacking them around. They say, "If ye have the power of God, deliver yourselves from these bands, and then we will believe that the Lord will destroy this people according to your words." The footnote for 24a … Continue reading Bringing Down the House (Prison)

​The Fiery Trials of Alma and Amulek

The people took Alma and Amulek to the place of martyrdom that they might witness the destruction of those that were consumed in the fire. I remember one day, I was reading this chapter during language study in Sibu (a city in Malaysia) and the story seemed to flash before my eyes. I saw what … Continue reading ​The Fiery Trials of Alma and Amulek

The Trial and Conviction of Alma and Amulek in Ammonihah

Moving on Finally! Alma Chapter 14! Alma and Amulek make an end of speaking. Many people believed what was said and began to repent and search the scriptures. Unfortunately, a majority of the people wanted to destroy Alma and Amulek. Why? Plainness of the words Alma spake unto Zeezrom Amulek lied, reviled against the law, … Continue reading The Trial and Conviction of Alma and Amulek in Ammonihah