Reign of the Judges

Years 1-10

Reign of the Judges Background

Mosiah’s Declaration

Bondage and the Foundations of Government

Passing of the King, Rise of the Judges

Biographical Sketch of Alma the Elder and Mosiah II

Nehor Vs. Gideon

The Trial and Death of Nehor

Persecution Among the Nephites

Maintaining Faith Amidst Trials

Amlici’s Contention for the Kingdom Part 1

Amlici’s Contention for the Kingdom Part 2

Amlici’s Contention for the Kingdom Part 3

Receiving Wages from Those Whom We Choose to Obey

The Evolution of Lamanite Warfare

An Age of Wisdom, an Age of Foolishness

A New Chief Judge and a New Missionary

Alma Preaches to the People of Zarahemla

Jesus Christ, Our Good Shepherd

Alma in Gideon

Alma’s Journey to Melek and Rejection in Ammonihah

Alma Meets Amulek

The Blessings of Being Righteous

Amulek’s Teachings to the People of Ammonihah

Of Lawyers and Judges

A Brief Overview of the Hebrew and Nephite Monetary System

Amulek Vs. Zeezrom: An Analysis of Debate Styles

The Confounding of Zeezrom

The Mysteries of God and Receiving Knowledge

Knowledge, Light and the Mysteries of God

Antionah’s Question About Living Forever

Called From the Foundation of the Earth

Who Was Melchizedek?

The Life of Melchizedek: The City He Ruled

The Sacrament, Tithing, and the Covenant God Made With Enoch

The Priesthood Covenant and How Melchizedek Used It

The Trial and Conviction of Alma and Amulek in Ammonihah

The Fiery Trials of Alma and Amulek

Enduring Unrighteous Judgment and Unlawful Imprisonment

Bringing Down the House (Prison)

Alma and Amulek’s Arrival in Sidom

The Miraculous Healing of Zeezrom

Years 11-20

Locations of Various Nephite Cities and the Political, Military, and Record Keeping Succession Practices of the Nephites

Aha, Lehi, and Zoram Rescue the Nephite Captives

Synagogues, Sanctuaries, Temples, and Living the Law of Consecration

The Sons of Mosiah Leave for Their Mission to the Lamanites

Ammon Arrives in the Land of Ishmael

Lamoni Begins to Break with Tradition

The Teaching of Lamoni

Removing the Veil of Unbelief

The Great Awakening of King Lamoni

They Which See Not Might See; and They Which See Might Be Made Blind

We’re Going on an Adventure!

A Brief Tussle with the King Over the Land

Delivering Ammon’s Brethren from Prison

Aaron Among the Amalekites and Amulonites

The Path and Gate that Leads to Life

Religious Freedom is Declared in the Land

The Teaching of King Lamoni’s Father Part 1

The Teaching of King Lamoni’s Father Part 2