The First Great Fall of the Jaredites

Because of Akish's secret combinations, the kingdom is overthrown. Here is the cool part though, chapter 9 verse 3. The Lord is merciful unto Omer and his family. The Lord warns him in a dream to leave the land before he is killed. He departs the land with his family and travels many days. They … Continue reading The First Great Fall of the Jaredites

A River of Blood

Moses goes before the Lord and asks, "Why are you treating this people so badly? Why did you send me to do this thing?" I think Moses is feeling pretty down about his duties. I thought I was supposed to deliver this people. Am I doing something wrong? Why me? Remember, he had talked to … Continue reading A River of Blood

Secret Combinations Near and Far

The daughter of Jared's plan is this: Send for Akish, son of Kimnor (also a friend of Omer, the King). And, being fair, will dance before him and Akish will desire her to wife. Jared  (her father) is supposed to say that he will agree to the marriage if Akish brings Jared the head of … Continue reading Secret Combinations Near and Far

 Let My People Go!

Remember how I talked about success at the end of my first Moses blog post? Let's look at it again and see what circumstances have prepared Moses to become the prophet. Last time we left off talking about his experience in Egypt, ending right when he marries Zipporah. Let's take a look at what has … Continue reading  Let My People Go!

Rebellion and the Descent Into Secret Combinations

The plot continues to thicken. Corihor (the brother of king Shule) has many sons and daughters. One of which, Noah, decides to rebel against his dad and the king and take all his brothers and many people with him. I wonder how Corihor feels at this time. I get the feeling he had sufficiently humbled … Continue reading Rebellion and the Descent Into Secret Combinations