Old Testament

Elijah and Elisha

Background on Elijah and 1st Kings

The Widow of Zarephath

Return of the Prophet

Elijah and the Priests of Baal

Exodus Into Exile

Setting The Scene for Elijah and Elisha

Naboth’s Vineyard

Ahaziah and Elijah

Elijah’s Final Journey

Elijah, Healing, and Bears

The Campaign Against Moab

The Miracle of the Oil in the Pot

Elisha Restores Life

Naaman the Leper Meets Elisha

Is That Ax Floating?! Beat the Drums of War!

Famine, More Famine, and a New King in Syria

How a Box of Oil Caused the Downfall of Ahab’s Dynasty

Moses and the Exodus from Egypt

Moses: Prelude to Becoming a Prophet

A Burning Bush on Mount Sinai

Let My People Go!

A River of Blood

Egypt’s Plagues Begin

Locusts, Darkness, and the Death of the Firstborns

Final Showdown Between Pharaoh and the Children of Israel