Let My People Go!

Remember how I talked about success at the end of my first Moses blog post? Let's look at it again and see what circumstances have prepared Moses to become the prophet. Last time we left off talking about his experience in Egypt, ending right when he marries Zipporah. Let's take a look at what has … Continue reading  Let My People Go!

Rebellion and the Descent Into Secret Combinations

The plot continues to thicken. Corihor (the brother of king Shule) has many sons and daughters. One of which, Noah, decides to rebel against his dad and the king and take all his brothers and many people with him. I wonder how Corihor feels at this time. I get the feeling he had sufficiently humbled … Continue reading Rebellion and the Descent Into Secret Combinations

A Burning Bush on Mount Sinai

The story of Moses is setting up to be really good. Now, there is a turning point. The most current pharaoh, probably Ramses II, has just died. The children of Israel have endured one pharaoh of oppression at this point. Hoping that the bondage will stop, they pray mightily to God to deliver them.  God Hears … Continue reading A Burning Bush on Mount Sinai

Kings, Captivity, and Conspiracy

The people go forth and till the land and start begetting people. Jared had four sons and the brother of Jared two. The friends of Jared and his brother were 22 in number and they began to beget as well. I like verse 17. It says they (meaning their children) were taught to walk humbly before … Continue reading Kings, Captivity, and Conspiracy

Moses: Prelude to Becoming a Prophet

I want to do an annotation on the story of Moses. I know that is like the entire book of Exodus and on, so I'm just going to do from chapter 2 to chapter 11. As usual, I'm going to start with Moses' bio from the Bible Dictionary. Background on Moses He was the son … Continue reading Moses: Prelude to Becoming a Prophet