Secret Combinations Near and Far

The daughter of Jared’s plan is this: Send for Akish, son of Kimnor (also a friend of Omer, the King). And, being fair, will dance before him and Akish will desire her to wife. Jared  (her father) is supposed to say that he will agree to the marriage if Akish brings Jared the head of his father, the king. I wonder how much of a friend Akish was to Omer. Was he a good friend or a loose friend? More likely a loose friend. The daughter of Jared seems to be a crafty one and I can’t imagine that she would choose one of Omer’s good friends to betray him.

Secret Combinations Cause Death

Cross reference Mark 6:24. This is the story of how Herod’s wife asked for the head of John the Baptist. I just now had a memory come to my mind of a class I attended while at EFY 4 years ago. The speaker said that the Book of Mormon exposes Satan’s methods. This cross reference just confirmed it. Twice, heads have been asked for. Interestingly enough, both by women.

The plan goes through. Akish desires his daughter for marriage. The terms are given. Akish gathers all his kinfolk into the house of Jared and asks, “Will you keep your promise if I follow through with this?” At this point, it doesn’t matter that Akish was a good friend or not with Omer. His lusts for the daughter of Jared have overcome him and he is willing to sacrifice a friend to satisfy that. Satan puts emphasis so much on the bodily lusts that we have, if we don’t watch ourselves and keep them in check through obedience, we will lose sight of how good our life is without those lusts raging. We become blinded to all good things. We have a veil of wickedness place over our eyes. And everything after that is to satisfy those bodily lusts. Satan has been tempting people for a a really long time, he knows you and how to push your buttons. But since we have a body, we are able to overcome him, and ignore him. But mark my words, if you step out of line and you think you are the exception to the rule and go dabbling in dark paths, believing that you can come back easily, Satan won’t let you. He’s an expert in his field. He’ll take you down and it will be a long journey back to the road of righteousness.

The other thing I think is interesting is all of Akish’s kinfolk came with him to the house of Jared. Not just his family but all of his kinfolk! That means they are all in on it too! Rarely, if ever, do secret combinations involve just one person. They are are multiple people deals. And while there is more risk of being discovered than having it just between two people, the reward and resource pool is greater. Let’s take a step back and look at what is happening, how it is happening, and how it would be different if something else had happened.

Ok, here is what they are doing. They are conspiring to kill the king in exchange for a wife. They are involving all of the members, swearing them to secrecy. Not only are there more brains putting together the plan, but there are also more specialities available because of all the people involved. And, not only that, but when the assassination is finished, there is great potential in this family carrying on secret combinations. If the combination had just stayed between Jared, his daughter, and Akish, the potential for on going activities would be lower. And the talent pool would be a lot less. That’s not how Satan works, though. He is all about continuing evil things. Not just isolated events of unrighteousness. His entire desire is to hinder the work of God in any way at the expense of any and all human casualities.

Secret Combinations Involve Oath Taking

All of the members present in that home swore by the God of Heaven, by the heavens, and by the Earth and by their heads. Any who vary from the appointed task was to lose their head and life. Cross reference Helaman 1:11. I think it strange that the people swear by so many things. Especially God. They just made a deal with the devil! Interesting that they still acknowledge their maker and being whose name they profane. Why did they swear by the heavens and the Earth? Just covering all their bases? Maybe it’s like a double or triple dog dare?

It says they “were kept up by the power of the devil.” That’s a scary thought. What exactly does that mean and entail? Let’s go to the cross reference and see what I can find. Moses 4:6 and 5:13. It seems like his power is beguiling. That’s he is good at. Oh, and to destroy the world and all those who will listen to him. Satan can offer us all the things of the world at one expense, our bodies. Or rather, control of our bodies. Because we got the one thing he didn’t. But no matter how much we sabotage ourselves through his snares, he will never have a body and never feel what we have the capacity to feel. Yes, he can give us power and prestige through back door deals. But he can not give you the love of your family, he cannot give you self acceptance, he cannot give you a testimony. While the things of the world are beneficial, they fade. Things of an eternal nature and of eternal importance only come through righteousness. Heck, if you gain the world through Satan, he’ll betray you because in the end, everyone is expendable and he only loves himself. I wouldn’t go that far even, he hates himself. Hates what he has become. But he can’t stop because that is who he is and has been so long. And that’s who he will be forever and for all of eternity.

The oaths they took were to be kept in darkness and to help anyone that sought power, or to murder, plunder, lie, commit whoredoms, and all manner of wickedness. This is pretty much the mission statement of any secret combination. Probably not in such blunt and straight forward words though. These things were kept in darkness. Nobody talked about them. Nobody let anyone else know under penalty of death. If people did find out, they were taken care of so there were no loose ends or exposures. Acts of darkness irk me. When people can get away with things without getting caught and paying their dues, whatever they are, makes me angry.

The daughter led Jared away, who led away Akish, who led away his friends and family. Leading them away by fair promises. What are “fair” promises? Personally, I feel like it is a legitimately fair promise but also very conditional and shaky. LIke there might be a lot of fine print type of promise. Where you aren’t entirely sure to what extent you are getting yourself into.

The Lord Doesn’t Use Secret Combinations

Verse 19 of Chapter 8 in Ether is a very powerful statement. I would highlight the first part.

“The Lord worketh not in secret combinations.”

How beautiful a truth is that? The Lord is a being of light, truth, beauty and of good things. Everything he does leads to growth and righteousness. The scripture is becoming more and more clear. His purpose really is to bring to pass the eternal life and immortality of man. Everything he gives us is given in light and for our benefit. God has forbidden such things as shedding another man’s blood and secret combinations, even from the beginning.

Moroni isn’t going to write the manner of their oaths or combinations because it has been made known unto him that all people, even the Lamanites, have been infiltrated by secret combinations. Satan is no respecter of persons. What I’m trying to say is that if you are an unrighteous or righteous civilization, he wants you destroyed. All the people need to be destroyed according to Satan.

I think it’s true today that all societies have been penetrated by secret combinations. But to what extent or who I can’t say.

Moroni says that secret combinations destroyed the Jaredites as well as all the people of Nephi. Cross reference Helaman 6:28. Satan, the author of these secret combinations drags the people down to everlasting destruction and hell. I am reminded of the scripture, that when you harden your heart, you receive less of the word. Until pretty soon, you become a savage. Secret combinations affect everyone and bring everyone down–spiritually speaking if you don’t already have that sure testimony. Till you become a savage and destruction becomes imminent and unavoidable.

Cross reference one of my favorite TV shows, Firefly. One of the species in the show are called Reavers. They are the most horrible looking, scary, and ferocious species around. How did they get that way? They were consumed by anger, lusts and other bodily natural man things until they began murdering, lying, cheating, plundering, raping, and self-mutilating. This was their life for so long that they became unrocognizable. Satan does the same. The more we give in to temptations, the more we allow and accept these secret combinations, the more unrecognizable we become. Till pretty soon, we are nigh unto the way of utter destruction.

Moroni says that whatever nation will uphold these secret combinations to get gain and power to spread all over the land will be destroyed. The Lord will not suffer his saints to cry from the ground (having been killed by secret combinations) and not avenge them. Some wording things I would like to point out here. Two thoughts which, if read both ways, are acceptable. One, the focus can be on the nation (or as the topical guide changes it–governments). If governments uphold secret combinations, to increase their governmental power, gain, and spread all over the land, God will destroy that government. And two, putting the focus on secret combinations. If governments allow secret combinations to get gain, power, and spread across the land, God will destroy them.

What is Meant by East and West?

Sorry, time for a quick break. Sometimes I get so caught up in my writing I forget there is more to the scriptures than what’s in my brain. Got to go back and follow the cross references. Anyway, in chapter 8 verse 24, it says that you need to do something when you come to a knowledge of the secret combinations among you. Awake to a sense of your awful situation and act! This is why it is important to have the Holy Ghost with you so you can discern those secret combinations. He is the ultimate teacher and testifier of truth. Ok, I have a really cool scripture chain. It’s footnote 24a. Hold on and follow me.

Cross reference D&C 42:64. This verse is saying those that god East to teach, let the converts flee West because of what is coming to the Earth and of secret combinations. A little background on this revelation. It is in fulfillment of the promise that the “law” would be received. This section is that law. The scripture section that this in is the revealing of the site of the New Jerusalem and that the mysteries of the kingdom should be revealed. Refer to the section heading for more info. Let’s start at the surface level. People that live in the West (western U.S.?) are going to teach people in the East (Eastern U.S.?)(This is taking place in America after all). Those converts in the East need to come West because of what is coming to the Earth and secret combinations (Don’t worry, we’ll follow the cross references too). Whatever bad is coming is going to be starting in the East. Interesting that all the angel Moroni’s point to the East, the direction of the Second Coming. So not only is the bad stuff coming/starting from the East but also the good like the Second Coming. Maybe the cardinal directions are referring to the Eastern and Western world? Maybe Eastern denotes old world and Western new world? Let’s follow the footnotes for “west” and “secret combinations.”

Cross reference D&C 45:64. This pretty much says the same as the original verse. But adds western coutries. As long as you are in the western countries, you appear to be ok. That is where you are supposed to build up the church. Also cross reference D&C 48:2. Inasmuch as we have lands, we are supposed to impart to our eastern brethren. The footnote for that says welfare. It seems like East and West countries seem to mean prosperous vs. not prosperous countries.

Focus on the Events in Your Own Country

Cross reference D&C 38:28-30. These verses talk about how you have heard about wars in far countries and expect that there will be wars in far countires. But we don’t know  the hearts of men in our own country. Like we focus on events on other countries’ events so much that we forget our own. This is actually a scary verse. It almost seems to be implying that the problem isn’t hearts of men in other places, but rather the ones in your own country. Makes me wonder exactly what men are conspiring to do in America that we don’t know about. In a historical context this verse is also interesting. This revelation was given around 29 years-ish before the Civil War began. That’s the one thing I love about the scriptures. You can read it for historical context and get a lot out of it, but at the same time, you can read them on an individual level and get a ton of spiritual insight from them.

Cross reference D&C 38:13. It says there are people in secet chambers that seek your destruction. Never heard of “secret chambers” being used before. I wonder if that is literal or figurative in the sense that it’s another use for secret combinations.

Those who build these secret combinations seek to overthrow the freedom of all nations and countries. They will bring to pass the destruction of all people. Interesting that it says individuals “whoso”. I guess that could also mean more than individuals. Also these people are not in a specific country (secret combinations). They are transnational.

Moroni is commanded to write these things so that evil will be done away with. And that the time will come when Satan will have no more power over the hearts of the children of men. That they will be persuaded to do good continually and come unto the fountain of righteousness. I am reminded that the Book of Mormon exposes the tactics of Satan. This is the very purpose of Moroni right now! The more you realize these tactics, the better prepared you are to combat and defend against these tactics.


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