Kings, Captivity, and Conspiracy

The people go forth and till the land and start begetting people. Jared had four sons and the brother of Jared two. The friends of Jared and his brother were 22 in number and they began to beget as well.

I like verse 17. It says they (meaning their children) were taught to walk humbly before God and because of this (and doing it), they were taught from on high. Cross reference footnote 17b. They received guidance and divine revelation. Remember the scriptures I talked about in the last post that said when you don’t harden your heart, you receive more of the word and understanding. That is true here. A prime example. They walked humbly before the Lord and they received guidance and revelation. 

The People Counsel Together

The brother of Jared begins to see that he is old and see that he must die. He says to his brother that they should gather everyone together and see what the people desire of them before they pass away. I think it’s safe to say the brother of Jared is a prophet. Do you think every prophet sees “that they began to be old…and must soon go down to the grave?” Do prophets have visions or dreams in which they are told that they have x amount of days left? I don’t know.

I like that the brother of Jared gathered everyone together and asked what they would have him do. It’s been at least 2 and half years since they landed. They have probably focused mainly on getting settled. Building houses, tilling the Earth and raising families. They have probably lived in harmony since everyone is living the gospel and are we still have the first generation (those that crossed the water) alive. But Jared and his brother, seeing that they need to set up something long term so there is order, are gathering everyone together to talk about it.

It then tells how big the families of each were. The brother of Jared had 22 kids and Jared had 12, four of those being sons. He had 8 daughters! Wowser!

Everyone talked and desired that one of the “founding fathers'” sons be made king over them. The original settlers are dying and/or really old. The younger generation is more populous and probably not as rock solid in their testimony yet as their parents are. This is probably an ongoing problem with every generation. Despite what you teach your kids, they still have their agency. You can be the best parent and have rebellious kids. At this point, when it seems like you’ve done all you can, you have to trust that the Lord will help them.

When the brother of Jared hears they desire a king, he is very sad. He tells them it will lead them to captivity. Jared and his brother, as well as all those who came across the sea know what it’s like to have had a king and how bad it can be. The younger generation doesn’t understand though.

The Firstborn Sons Reject the Kingship

Jared asks his brother to let them have a king and his brother yields to his wishes. Jared tells them to pick from among their firstborn sons a king. Why did Jared do this?! Was he starting to lose his testimony? Was it just not as strong as his brother’s? I know his brother was the spiritual one in the family but why did Jared ask this of his brother? Did he care? Maybe he thought he was too old to be affected? My next question is why did Jared’s brother allow this to happen? I guess it was the will of the people and that was the purpose of gathering everyone there. I bet the brother of Jared was real sad. Thinking that they didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. This is how democracy dies, with thunderous applause (Star Wars quote). Maybe he had a slight hope that the king would be righteous and humble before the Lord. Maybe not though. All who gain power are afraid to lose it (another Star Wars quote).

The firstborn of the brother of Jared was picked. His name was Pagag. He refuses to be king. Pause! What do you think the children of the brother of Jared were like? Do you think they were loyal to their father and his teachings about the gospel of Jesus Christ? I think at least Pagag was. I bet all his kids were. I like to think the brother of Jared had a good family. Because Pagag refuses, the people get angry and want his dad to force him to be king. The brother of Jared refuses to do so and commands the people to not force anyone into kingship. Do you think he got mad at the people for suggesting the forced kingship of his son? Maybe a little frustrated? Maybe more sad that they would even suggest such a thing? I think the spiritualness of this people has begun to wane as the original  Jaredites are passing away.

Well, if Pagag wouldn’t be their king, they would have another one of his sons be king. The rest of the sons refuse, however. The people may be in wickedness but they want the righteous people to lead them. But that probably isn’t the reason. They are probably looking at the physical and mental capabilities of his sons. Funny, the righteous people are always the most capable people. Always surpass the wicked in all aspects of life. All the sons of the brother of Jared won’t so they ask Jared’s sons (the next best thing?) and they all refuse except one, Orihah. Going off verse 14, he is probably the youngest son of Jared since he is listed last.

The Reign of Orihah

Orihah walked humbly before the Lord. He remembers how great the Lord is and teaches his people about the blessings of the Lord now and from their fathers. Sounds a little like King Benjamin. But how long will it last? One reign perhaps. If so, the inevitable rise of a wicked king has momentarily been delayed. Shouldn’t have set up kings!

Wow! Orihah had 31 kids! Twenty-three of which were sons! That’s a lot of kids!

The Reign of Kib

Orihah begets Kib in his old age. Kib takes over the kingdom after Orihah. Interesting to note that Kib was probably close to, if not the last child and that’s who got the kingdom. The last child or close to, just like Orihah. What does it tell you when all your sons reject the kingdom?

Corihor Rebels

Kib begets Corihor. Who, when 32 years old, rebels against his father and goes to the land of Nehor and begins to begat sons and daughters. They turn out to be exceedingly fair too. Many people follow him.

Corihor and his followers have been begetting for a while and have enough people for an army. This army goes to the land of Moron and takes the king captive, thus bringing to pass what the brother of Jared said, that having a king would lead them to captivity. Cross reference Ether 14:6, the land of Moron comes into play again. From this verse, it seems like the land of Moron would be where the political center of the Jaredite nation eventually shifts to. Also, where did the name Moron come from? Did the Jaredites have the same tradition as the Nephites of naming lands after the people who first inherited them?

Kib is king while Corihor has rebelled and left. How would it affect you as a father to have your son rebel against you, raise an army and then come and take you captive? Probably would make you sad.

The Land of Moron

Quick interjection by Moroni. The land of Moron was near the land which is called Desolation by the Nephites. Ok, this is interesting. This means that although the center of the Jaredite nation was in the land of Moron, it wasn’t the original capital. Remember that Orihah and Kib were kings over another land–probably where they first landed. Then Corihor removed himself to Moron. The question is, where did the Jaredites land that was probably a few days travel away from the where they first landed?

According to my book, the land of Desolation was around the Great Lakes area. So the land of Moron is either south, east, or west of that. I don’t think it would be north. It’s too cold and there is water. Maybe south around the Mississippi river? That would be a good place to start off. There would be plenty of sustenance. Or perhaps it was east of the Great Lakes? Beautiful countryside and plenty of good Earth to till. Honestly, I have no idea.

Maybe I’m wrong. According to Ether 6:12, the land of Moron was the land of their first inheritance. Maybe Corihor didn’t go far enough to leave the land of Moron. Maybe he remained around the Great Lakes area.

The city of Nehor is the capital city in the land of Moron.

The Promise of Freedom from Captivity is Born

Kib and his people dwell in captivity, living under the reign of Corihor, his son, and his grandson. This army that came to kidnap Kib wasn’t just to smack the city around, steal the kind, and hold him ransom until the payment was received. This was a full takeover with a full implementation of Corihor’s reign over the people. While Kib was in captivity, he begets a son, Shule.

This would make a pretty cool movie. Son of the king rebels and leaves. Then comes full force and takes over the kingdom in one fell swoop. The king, under house arrest and unable to do anything, has a son. Then the son grows up and takes back the kingdom! Ok, some artistic license may have been taken, but seriously, let’s continue with the story and see what happens!

Shule grows up and gets angry at his brother, Corihor. He waxes strong as the strength of man and is also mighty in judgment. What is meant by “mighty in judgment”? I’m not sure but I imagine God is also mighty in judgment. I feel like it means you are good at judging. And once you make those decisions, you stick by them. Do you think Corihor knew about his baby brother? Do you think there were assassination attempts on his life? If Shule can grow up, they have been in captivity for at least 10 years! Can you imagine that! Ten years under a tyrannical maniac!

Quick thought. Corihor is really a bad name. Every Corihor in the scriptures is bad at some point! Don’t name your kid Corihor! You could save yourself a lot of trouble later in life.

Shule goes out of the city one day with a bunch of followers to the hill Ephraim and molten out of the hill, steel swords for those who were with him. After they were finished, they return to the city Nehor and give Corihor battle. They manage to take back the city and restore his father to the throne. This would make a cool movie!

I wonder where the hill Ephraim is? And why didn’t Corihor’s soldier realize what they were doing? Maybe they snuck out? Perhaps Corihor didn’t think they were a big enough threat to waste manpower on?

Using Steel Swords

I think it’s interesting that they are making STEEL swords. We are talking many thousands of years before Christ. According to a brief search online, the earliest ever steel sword was from 4,000 BC.  Steel swords have been found in Africa around 1400 BC. It seems like they weren’t commonly used till 4th century BC. It appears that the Jaredites were way ahead of their time! Cross reference 1 Nephi 16:18. Nephi had a bow of steel. So even 600 ish BC we have a record of people using steel. Also see, “Evidence of the Book of Mormon in America’s Heartland”. There is an extensive section on the use of metals such as bronze and steel. There are even pictures of old smelting furnaces. Really, the Nephites were incredibly knowledgeable for their time in the art of smithing and metallurgy. I feel like all this knowledge is a result of righteousness. When you aren’t hard-hearted, you receiving the more part of the word doesn’t just pertain to spiritual knowledge, but also temporal. You begin to figure out things and make discoveries that others previously didn’t find. It’s exciting. Nephi and Noah built boats according to the directions of God. These designs were most likely advanced for their time. The Word of Wisdom was revealed 100 years or so before science backed it up. Really, when you are righteous, you prosper in a very real sense. You are physically, mentally, and spiritually more capable of filling the positions and situations in your life. Your testimony grows, you receive revelations, you become a smarter person and make more discoveries and connections. Until pretty soon, like the scripture says, you know everything. It’s so exciting!

Shule Begins to Reign

Shule, because he won back the kingdom for his father, gains the kingdom and begins his reign. He reigns in righteousness and the people begin to cover all the face of the land.

When it says that hey begin to cover all the face of the land, how much do you think that entails? Are we talking all of America? Are we talking all the Eastern U.S.? I wish I knew.

Corihor repents of his evils and Shule decides to give him power in the kingdom. What?!! What a forgiving king! I don’t think I could have done that after he took away the kingdom from dad for a long time. Granted, it probably wasn’t a lot of power that Corihor received. Steward over very little. Maybe Shule didn’t fully trust him?

We’ll pick up in two weeks with the next installment in Ether.



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