The Binding of Satan and the Battle of Gog and Magog

Ok, time to talk about the Millennial binding of Satan. Previous to this, all the people will be resurrected. All the secret acts of men and mighty works of God will have been revealed and time will no longer have been. The footnote for time takes you to D&C 84:100 and says that God has redeemed his people.

The Righteous Will Bind Him

Satan will be bound. How will this take place? Cross Reference 1 Nephi 22:26. He will be bound by the righteousness of the people. Because no one will give heed to him. He won’t be able to tempt people to sin. Also see D&C 101:28. It says that Satan won’t have any power to tempt people. I think it’s interesting that Satan derives in part, his power from us. He only has as much power as we give him. The more righteous and God fearing we are, the less power Satan has over us. Because we have a testimony, we can see through his wily darts. Another cool connection is about Greek gods. The ancient Greeks were of the belief that in order to stay godly, their gods had to be worshipped. And that by not worshipping them, they would become weak and vulnerable. It’s easy to see that this train of thought was not from God because this is exactly how Satan is. He only has as much power over us as we give him. Ok, I have a quote on this Millennial binding of Satan from the D&C manual.

“The restrictions that come upon Satan will be a result of two important actions by the Lord. He will destroy telestial wickedness from the earth at his Second Coming and second, as a reward fro heeding his counsels, the Lord will pour out his spirit upon the righteous who remain to the extent that Satan’s power will be overwhelmed.”

The next quote comes from George Q. Cannon

“We talk about Satan being bound. Satan will be bound by the power of God; but he will also be bound by the determination of the people of God not to listen to him, not to be governed by him. The Lord will not bind him and take his power from the earth while there are men and women willing to be governed by him. That is contrary to the purpose of our God…Satan only gains power over men through men’s exercise of his own agency; and when Satan shall be bound, as the Lord says he will for 1000 years, one of the great powers that will help this to pass will be man’s agency. The Lord never has forced men against their will to obey him. He never will do so. If Satan therefore has power with man, it is because man yields to his influence…the time is not far distant when great judgements will be poured out upon the wicked inhabitants of the earth. Every prophet who has looked forward to our day has seen, and predicted that the wicked would be destroyed. Their destruction means the destruction of Satan’s power [including the literal destruction of the wicked]. The righteous will be left and because of their righteousness the Lord will have mercy upon them; they, exercising their agency in the right direction, will bring His blessings upon them to such an extent that Satan will be bound.”

The Army of Satan

I want to pose some questions I had about the whole thing. I won’t attempt to answer to these because there is no evidence to support it either way. But my first is will this binding of Satan include a literal removal from the earth? Because I feel if no one is heeding him here, he will see there is no point in being on earth. Will Heavenly Father make him leave? Or will he continue floating around earth bored out of his mind because no one is heeding him? Ok, consider this. After the 1000 years of prison, Satan is loosed for a little season to gather his armies. If there are no people on earth listening to him because of their righteousness, where are the armies? If he were to remain on earth, tempting the people, they would still…Brain blast! I figured it out!

Ok, originally I thought Satan’s army would come from the Celestial and Terrestrial people that lived during the Millennium. That may be true. But remember they have been following Christ for 1000 years. But! Remember that the Telestial people will be resurrected at the same time Lucifer is loosed. He already has the sons of perdition on his side and his next best bet for gathering his forces would be from Telestial people. Celestial and Terrestrial too if he can. But anyone who joined Satan at this time would become a son of perdition because they would be denying God knowing full well it was him all along. Think how bad the devil is going to rage! He only has a very short time and he is going to go more intensely tempting than he has ever done before! Cool cross reference! D&C 29:22. This backs up the fact that after Satan is loosed after the thousand years men will begin to deny God again.

The Battle of Gog and Magog

I know I have been a little all over the place talking about this and that. Please bear with me. I promise this is interesting. Cross reference Isaiah 14:12-15. This is talking about the aspirations of Satan in the pre-earth life. He wanted to ascend higher than God basically. This is his purpose here on earth. To get as many followers, maybe in his sick mind, he is better and more powerful than God. This is also his purpose in coming against the saints at this last battle. To wipe out God’s followers once and for all! Also see Moses 4:1-4. Satan wanted God to give him his own power. He aspired to be like God but without wanted to follow the steps necessary to become one.

Verse 111-116 talks about how the great and last battle, the battle of Gog and Magog. Please don’t confuse this with the leader of the evil forces that takes place during the battle or Armageddon. That is Gog from the land of Magog. I don’t know why this last battle is called the battle of Gog and Magog or if it has any relation tot he battle of Armageddon. During this battle, Michael, the seventh angel (the one who says, “It is finished” in verse 106), gathers the forces of heaven and Lucifer the forces of hell. And we all duke it out. The devil loses and is cast out forever. Michael himself beats the one who seeks the throne of God (Lucifer). Because of this victory, the people of God will see death no more.

I have a quote about this great battle from the D&C institute manual. It is a quote from Orson Pratt:

“There will be a great division of the people…the saints then, will have become very numerous, probably more numerous than ever before; and they will be obliged to gather together in one place, as we now do from the four quarters of the earth…Satan will gather his army…He and his army will come against the saints, and the beloved city, and encompass them round about. His army will be so great that it will be able to come up against the saints on all sides: he is to encompass their camp. Because of the favorable position he is to hold, in the great and last battle, and because of the vast number of his army, he doubtless believes that he will get the mastery and subdue the earth and possess it. I do not think he fully understands all the designs of God.

Those who join Satan and his host will not rebel in ignorance or dwindle in unbelief, as the Lamanites did; but they will sin willingly against the law of heaven and so great will be the power of Satan over them, that he will gather them together against the saints and against the beloved city, and fire will come down out of heaven and consume them.”

Pretty intense imagery there huh? Especially with how Satan’s host is going to be destroyed. That’s a lot of fire! Keep that image of fire in your brain while I copy down this scripture from Jacob 5

” 77 And when the time cometh that evil fruit shall again come into my vineyard, then will I cause the good and bad to be gathered; and the good will I preserve unto myself. And the bad will I cast to its own place. And then cometh the season and the end, and my vineyard will I cause to be burned with fire.”

The verse makes perfect sense now right? Well, at least for me it does.

A More Detailed Plan of Salvation

Cross reference D&C 19:3. After this battle, then God judges man according to their works. I never thought of it all like this. We get struck in thinking of the plan of salvation in terms after we die. We forget there is still stuff going on on earth and there is stuff happening between judgement and resurrection. Let’s quickly review the plan of salvation a little more in detail then how we teach it as missionaries and including everything we have learned up to this point. We’ll start from death. After we die, we go to spirit paradise (or prison is we are bad, but for the sake of time I’ll assume paradise). There we teach the gospel to the people who didn’t accept it on earth. We administer ordinances to them, along with help from our earthly kin, to try and help them save themselves. We do this till the Second Coming of Christ. Christ comes, destroys all Telestial wickedness from the world and the resurrection beings. All celestial spirits, living or dead come forth to be with him at his coming. Then terrestrial spirits are resurrected next. There is the Millennium, a time of peace and prosperity, when Jesus Christ is reigning personally upon the earth. The books of heaven and earth come together and temple work is being done at an increased rate. The law of consecration is enacted. No poor, no rich, everything is perfect, even the earth has been renewed. After the 1000 years, all the Telestial spirits are resurrected, as well as outer darkness peeps. Satan is loosed to gather what forces he can, after which, there is an incredible battle in which Satan loses and is cast out with the sons of perdition. Next, is the judgment. God will judge us according to what we did. Based on everything that has happened, if you didn’t accept it (the gospel) in this life, the next, you may have an opportunity during or immediately proceeding the Millennium. In short, every person will have ample opportunity to choose what side they are going to be on. It’s just the sooner you join the right side, the better off you are going to be.


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