Angels and the Great Revealing

Angels Shall Trump

I was just reading ahead and it talked about 7 trumpeting angels! It cross referenced mostly back to Revelation chapter 14. I read quickly through it and tried to figure out the time line on it all. When I couldn’t I went to my notes of Revelation 14 because I was sure I had encountered the same problem. I did. But I was wrong! What I originally thought was all these 7 angels sounding was during the 7th seal before the Lord came. That is, the angels talked about in D&C 88. But I didn’t notice that the angels trumpeting starts off the resurrection. There is no way the resurrection would start before Christ came, while the other 7 angels are trumpeting as mentioned in the book of Revelation. I’m sure this must be very confusing if you haven’t read my Revelation notebook or the Bible book itself. I will do a quick summary. There is silence in the heavens for the space of half an hour (verse 95 in D&C 88), roughly 21 years earth time. I speculated that the destruction mentioned at the beginning of the 7th seal in the book of Revelation filled this 21 year span, every 3 years an angel trumpeting the arrival of a new issue or plague. After which, Christ comes. Now it seems that after Christ comes, there are another 7 angels with trumpets sounding. Setting off the resurrection and announcing all that has happened. Rather than these two instances of 7 trumpets sounding simultaneously, they are at two different times.

Once all the angels have sounded they are crowned with the glory of his might and the saints also receiving their inheritance and made equal with Him. Lots of stuff in this verse. First, angels. There is no footnote on angels being crowned with the glory of his might. Does that, actually, what does that mean? Because I thought angels were already pretty glorious. I also thought they had already received their glory. That last sentence was an uninformed one. I don’t know the eternal progression of angels. Or what they can and can’t inherit. Time to hit up the resources and see if there is anything I can find to help me understand how angles might be crowned with glory of His might.

What are Angels?

A lot of good stuff in the Bible dictionary on angels. Let me summarize some of the stuff I read. There are two classes of angels. First, angels as just spirits and angels that have bodies of flesh and bone. Those that are spirits either have not received a body by coming to earth (yet…) or have lived and died but are awaiting resurrection. Normally though “angel” means one who has a body of flesh and bone. This could either mean they have lived, died and been resurrected or they were translated like Enoch or Elijah. Moroni, John the Baptist, Peter, James, John, Moses, Elijah, Elias all ministered to Joseph Smith as angels. All these people will receive Celestial glory. But there is one more type of angel. Those who failed to obey the gospel will not be exalted and will become angels in eternity. I’m sure there are nitty-gritty details, rules, possibly exceptions to all this. I don’t know what determines what right now. The qualifications of becoming an angel are probably complex.

I have a few quotes here on angels. This comes from the D&C manual. The first quote comes from President George Q. Cannon:

“In the broadest sense, any being who acts as a messenger for our Heavenly Father, is an angel, be he God, a resurrected man, or the spirit of a just man, and the term is so used in all these senses in the ancient scriptures. In the stricter and more limited sense, an angel is, as the prophet Joseph Smith states, a resurrected personage, having a body of flesh and bones; but it must be remembered that none of them were resurrected. He was the first-fruits of them that slept. He himself appeared often to his servants before he took his mortal body; for instance, to the brother of Jared, to Abraham, to Moses, to the seventy elders and many others.”

This next quote comes from Charles W. Penrose and talks a little about the intricacies of angelhood:

“Angels are God’s messengers, whether used in that capacity as unembodied spirits, selected according to their capacities for the work required, or as disembodied spirits, or as translated men, or as resurrected beings. They are agents of deity of different degrees of intelligence, power, and authority, under the direction of higher dignitaries, and subject to law and order in their respective spheres. Elijah, who appeared with Moses on the mount of transfiguration, was a translated man; Moses at that time was either a translated man or a spirit ministering to the Savior; both acted in the capacity of angels. Enoch’s band of translated beings doubtless appeared as angels in manifestations to the patriarchs recorded in the book of Genesis. Angels high in authority have been clothed on special occasions with the right to represent deity personally. They have appeared and have been recognized as God himself, just as royal ambassadors of earthly potentates have acted as recorded in history. The angel spoken of in Exodus 23:20-22, was one of these. So also was the angel spoken of who ministered to John on the isle of Patmos, and used the names and titles of the Son of God (Rev 1:1).”

So bringing this all back, it seems like what is meant by this phrase, “Angels shall be crowned with the glory of his might,” refers to angels that have already been to earth and are waiting to be resurrected. Translated beings and angels that have already been resurrected will receive their glory, or eternal inheritance. While we are on the topic of eternal inheritances, it also talks about the saints receiving one as well. I think this refers to all the living saints. Because angels that have already pass on just received their glory. But I guess this could also be referring to all the saints in general, dead or alive. The cool part is that once they (saints) receive their inheritance, they are made equal with Him. They’ve become Gods like their father in Heaven. Cross reference John 5:18. One of the reasons they killed Jesus was because he said he was the Son of God, if you are the son of God, that makes you a God as well. The pharisees and sadducees didn’t like that because that means he was equal with God (as verse 18 says). They probably abhorred the idea that he could be as great and equal with his Father in Heaven.

The Great Revealing

Once all that is finished, the revealing begins. The first angel trumps and all the secret acts of men as well as the mighty works of God are shown in the first thousand years. I can see it now, the advertisement on the movie theater of Heaven, “The first installment of a seven part series called Secret Acts of Men, Mighty Works of God.” I think it would be fun to watch up until when I cam into the picture. Because I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my life. I don’t want that played out on the big screen. But here’s the thing, I think we too often focus on the bad that’s going to be revealed. All my sins I didn’t repent of, secret combinations that killed, sought power, and undermined society. It seems rather depressing. We don’t think about the mighty works of God part. I didn’t even know about it till just now reading it. I feel like there is more good in the world than bad and If this revealing of stuff is like a movie, I think the mighty works of God will constitute  a good portion of that film. I think we’ll rejoice in how much God did for us. How much he worked to protect us as a world, country and individuals. One of the things I get the most joy out of is doing something secretly for someone, and then later on, them finding out it was me all along. I can only imagine how Heavenly Father feels if he gets the pleasure out of it like I do. Nothing feels better than to hear people say, “That was you?!” or, “All along it was you that did that for me.”

One part I’m really looking forward to as part of the mighty works of God segment is all the knowledge we’ve been missing. They will probably  show all the books and what was in them. Great records that were lost or hidden up. And this for each of the periods of 1000 years. Just think how much knowledge has ben obtained from 1000-2000AD alone. There is a lot of stuff that is  going to be revealed. And we will have to, well, we will have the choice of course, but as for me, I want to know it all. Give me 7000 years of knowledge and I’ll read all about it. It might take me longer than 7000 years to do it but hopefully with my resurrected body I can learn a little faster. WHOA! Just had a cool thought come to me. When I gain knowledge, I usually don’t try to know it well enough to recall all the points at a moment’s notice, but I trust God to bring those points back to me when I need them. That has worked for me and he’s done it before. But once we have our resurrected body, we won’t have to worry about that because we’ll be perfect. We’ll have perfect memory recall and we’ll absorb and learn perfectly. The only thing you would have to do to learn was to sit down and read, or listen to a lecture. There would be no tests because everyone would get 100% every time. Of course you could learn things way faster and learn more in less time. That’s a cool thought!


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