Millennium and Resurrection

Verse 96-102 talks about the Millennium and who is going to be resurrected when. This is something I did not know previous to reading D&C 88.

Celestial Resurrection

There are three resurrections. All depending on what kind of person you are. The first,  those who are living celestially, if they are alive, are quickened and caught up to meet Christ as he comes down. If they are dead, they come back from the grave and meet up with Christ. Pretty much walking the red carpet as he comes in all his glory to earth.

The children of the firstborn, the first-fruits, Christ’s. They are, that is, the people living celestial lives, are brought up and transfigured to meet Christ. Why not translated? Let me share a scripture. Isaiah 65:20. Everyone will live till they reach 100 years old. Every person will fill his days during the Millennium . At which point, if they are righteous, will become translated in the twinkling of an eye. If you were translated and caught up to meet Christ, you would not have the opportunity to live out your days because you would be immortal. The changing of the body after you fill your 100 years can be found in D&C 101:31. 

In addition to those people who are already living and living righteously, all those who died in Christ will come forth as well. See D&C 29:13 and D&C 133:56. Here is a good quote from the D&C institute manual on the resurrection:

“At this time the Resurrection of those who are celestial will take place. Mortals at the time of the Lord’s coming who are living celestial law will be quickened and caught up to meet him and those who are already resurrected. These mortals will be transfigured and sanctified at that time but not immortalized.  Their bodies will be prepared to dwell on earth during the Lord’s millennial reign when,’the earth will be renewed and receive its paradisiacal glory.’ After this event, they will return to earth and continue to live as mortals.”

In summary, if you are alive, you go up to meet Christ as he arrives then go back to earth to live as  a mortal with Christ reigning until you have finished out your life, at which point you will become translated. Oh, also, as you meet up with Christ, you will also meet up with all the people who have died before, who now have received their body from the grave (restored of course).

Transfigured Vs. Translated

One side note, I have the definition of translated vs transfigured beings. This may help explain what is meant by people being “quickened” when Christ comes. This actually comes from the Book of Mormon institute manual. I’ll copy in word for word what it says.

“ We gain most of our understanding about translated beings from 3 Nephi 28.

1. They never taste of death or endure the pains of death (7-8)

2. They will be changed from mortality to immortality in the twinkling of an eye (8)

3. They experience no pain while in the flesh and no sorrow except for the sins of the world (9).

4. They have power over the evil men of the earth. (19-22)

5. They are like the angels of God, administering to whomever they will. (30)

6. A Change is effected on their bodies so that Satan can have no power over them, and they are sanctified in the flesh and made holy (39).

7. They remain in a translated state until Judgment Day (40).

In verse 13-15 Mormon explained that translated beings are also transfigured. Elder Bruce R. McConkie defined this state as follows, “Transfiguration is a special change in appearance and nature which is wrought upon a person or thing by the power of God. This divine transformation is from a lower to a higher state; it results in a more exalted, glorious and impressive condition…

By the power of the Holy Ghost many prophets have been transfigured so as to stand in the presence of God and view the visions of eternity. Speaking of such an occasion in his life, Moses recorded, ‘Now mine eyes have beheld God; but not my natural, but my spiritual eyes, for my natural eyes could not have beheld it; for I should have withered and died in his presence; but his glory was upon me; and I beheld his face, for I was transfigured before him.’ (Moses 1:11, D&C 67:11)

Similarly, when the three Nephites were caught up into Heaven and saw and heard unspeakable things, they were transfigured.

The difference then, between transfiguration and translation is that transfiguration is more temporary. The three Nephites were transfigured for a time so that they could view the visions of eternity. They were also translated, which condition is of longer duration, until Judgment Day.”

We Don’t Have All the Ordinances

Here is an interesting thought. This comes from Spencer W. Kimball and Brigham Young and is included in the D&C institute manual under section 138. It says that we do not have all the ordinances for life, salvation and exaltation. There are ordinances that have to be completed on the other side. One specifically, and there are many more, is the ordinance and keys of resurrection. I’ll copy in two paragraphs from the section.

“[The keys] will be given to those who have passed off this stage of action and have received their bodies again… they will be ordained, by those who hold the keys of resurrection, to go forth and resurrect the saints, just as we receive the ordinance of baptism then receive the keys of authority to baptize others for the remission of their sins. This is one of the ordinances we cannot receive here [on earth] and there are many more.”

President Brigham Young also taught,

“Some person holding the keys of resurrection, having previously passed through that ordeal, will be delegated to resurrect our bodies.”

Obviously I think there are more details to the resurrection than we know. Such as those hidden gems quoted above. For example, how are some people already resurrected? I know people were when Christ overcame death and went to the spirit world, but I thought that was for all people before Christ. Then you have the angel Moroni. Wasn’t he resurrected at the time he visited Joseph? Just because I started learning about the resurrection today, doesn’t mean all the secrets will be revealed at once. I have to keep moving forward, seeking to obtain. Preparing myself so that I can receive that knowledge.

Terrestial Resurrection

The next resurrection. Those who are resurrected next, according to verse 99, are those who received in spirit prison. Let’s go to the institute manual. They have a good quote on this.

“This passage is a reference to the resurrection of terrestial beings. After the celestial, after the Lord and the righteous who are caught up to meet him have descended upon the earth, there will come to pass another resurrection. This may be considered as part of the first, although it comes later. In this resurrection will come forth those of the terrestial order, who were not worthy to be caught up to meet him, but who are worthy to come forth to enjoy the millennium reign…this other class, which will also have right to the first resurrection, are those who are not members of the church of the firstborn, but who have led honorable lives, although they refused to accept the fulness of the gospel. Also in this class will be numbered those who died without law and hence are not under condemnation for a violation of the commandments of the lord.”

Telestial Resurrection

Moving on to the next point part of the resurrection. Verses 100 and 101. I would assume this would be the resurrection of Telestial beings. Those who are under condemnation and dead. They will not be resurrected till after the millennium is ended. Again, there is a good quote about this in the D&C institute manual. Both the previous quote and this one from Joseph Fielding Smith’s book called Doctrines of Salvation. One I really desire to read.

“All liars, and sorcerers, and adulterers and all who love and make a lie, shall not receive the resurrection at this time, but for a thousand years shall be thrust down into hell where they shall suffer the wrath of God until they pay the price of their sinning, if it is possible, by the things which they shall suffer. After they have satisfied the demands of justice by paying for their own sins in hell, they will then be brought forth and resurrected. They will not be on earth during the millennium, ‘but during that time are spending their time in torment, or anguish of soul, because of their transgression…

This suffering will be a means of cleansing or purifying , and through it the wicked shall be brought to a condition whereby they may, through the redemption of Jesus Christ, obtain immortality. Their spirits and bodies shall be again united, and they shall dwell in the Telestial kingdom. But this resurrection will not come until the end of the world.”

Cross reference Revelation 20:5. It says that the rest of the dead didn’t live till after the thousand years. And that all this was the first resurrection. It seems to mean then that the first resurrection is inclusive of all beings Telestial through Celestial.

Sons of Perdition

Final point. The resurrection of the sons of perdition. Or as verse 102 calls them, “Those who remain.” That remain filthy still. Again, have a good quote on this from the D&C institute manual.

“The sons of perdition, though they will be resurrected, will be last to be brought forth. Like those who are telestial, they will suffer in Hell before their resurrection. They will be cast back into Hell after their resurrection.”

That’s a terrible gig! Suffer in spirit for 1000 years, get a body and resurrected, which you can feel even more than when you were just a spirit, only to be cast back into hell to suffer for eternity, feeling more pain than ever before.

I’ve written about how the sons of perdition will have more power than Satan because they have a body now. But I have a new thought I wanted to add to it. Satan is pretty evil huh? He hates all of us that have bodies and that followed God’s plan. If the sons of perdition have bodies and are more powerful than Satan, does that mean they hate everyone more than he does? And, given the opportunity to tempt people, would the sons of perdition be harder to resist? I think in some ways, the sons of perdition have more weakness than Satan. Because they have a body, they are bound to one place at one time. And not having received any glory whatsoever, they probably can’t do much. Can’t travel at the snap of finger where ever in the universe. They are probably bound to one place forever. Satan will be bound too but I feel like even in that bound state as a spirit, he could move around more freely? I don’t know. Really have no evidence either way.

I just had another thought. What is perdition? Why are the most vile rejectors of Heavenly Father’s plan sons of perdition? Is it a place? Is it a person? Perdition I mean. I looked it up in the dictionary and it says it’s a christian word for spiritual ruin. That surprised me because I was thinking of a definition as being hell or place of torment. I didn’t think sons as meant as a literal term or meaning an inhabitant of a particular place. I think maybe it’s meant as a follower of a certain belief or concept. Using that definition, and applying the definition of perdition, we would get believers or followers or spiritual ruin. That sheds some light. Here we have people who have been ruined spiritually. As believers or followers of this (having already experienced it themselves) they probably promote it. But to what extent, if any, I don’t know. Honestly this entire thought is speculation so please take it with a grain of salt. I am no way trying to write a religious book or doctrinal thesis. If it were so, such scattered wanderings of my mental playground would not be found. I merely write these ideas and thoughts down to enlarge my open mindedness of the subject and accept the fact there is so much I don’t know and to prepare myself for an answer at some future date, that could be very different from what I imagined. You can’t prepare yourself for the unimaginable until you have prepared for all you can imagine. Ooh that was good. Write that down somewhere and put,“By Cody Jackson.”


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