The Story Behind This Blog

For a long time, I had trouble getting a lot out of my scripture reading. Sure I would read the stories and understand the principles contained but I sensed there was something missing. I wasn’t getting all I could out of the experience and felt like I was “living below my privileges.”

My Time in Malaysia

Nearly three years ago, while preparing to serve a LDS mission in Malaysia, I decided to try something different. I told myself I was going to study according to what I didn’t know but wanted to know. For me, that came in the form of picking a book of scripture to read and not moving on until I felt like I had a good grasp on the material. I chose to explore the nooks and crannies and actually think about what I was reading. I decided to put those thoughts on paper so I could keep a record of what I learned.

I determined to do the Bible book of Revelation. I know, I started at what could be considered one of the most difficult books to understand. But I stuck with it. I grabbed a notebook and summarized what I was reading, wrote down questions, possible answers to those questions, meaningful cross references and life experiences that related to what I was reading. Doing this was slow, often times spending a few days on just a couple of verses.  I worked on it an hour a day and always began with a prayer asking Heavenly Father to bless me with His spirit so I could learn new things. I was caught off guard by an entire new world opening up to me. I quickly learned there was so much I didn’t know. I attempted to capture everything in my notebook but there are times when words aren’t enough. Six and half to seven weeks after beginning, I finished Revelation. My knowledge had grown so much and I was hooked.

I continued picking new books of scripture to work on, following my interests. This went on nearly every day the full two years I was in Malaysia. I wrote about books in the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenant, and Pearl Of Great Price. Once I returned from Malaysia, this habit tapered off as I became more busy and couldn’t find time to sit down and write as I had done. I’ve recently recommitted to learning this way again. In this blog I want to share with your some of the things I’ve learned over those years up until the present day.


These posts are just my thoughts and nothing else. I have made every effort to back up what I say. If I can’t provide evidence, I’ll be sure and let you know. I welcome discussion and corrections but please keep it civil. My intention is to have productive discussion so each of us can come to a better understanding of what’s contained in holy writ and how we can become better disciples of Jesus Christ.

That being said, I want to start off sharing my most recent project. I’m covering the entire reign of the judges in the Book of Mormon. There is too much to write in one post so I’ll post by chapter, in some cases half chapters if there is too much for one chapter. Nevertheless, if you have inquiries about if I have written about other books of scripture you’d like to know more about, I’m open to posting those notes. I want this blog’s content to not only be driven by me, but also by my readers and I’ll make every effort to respond to comments quickly.

Thank you for your support!



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